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Chastity Tracker 📅

When we started our chastity journey, my husband created a spreadsheet to track our progress. It’s a kind of diary where we write down when and how one of us has an orgasm. We have collected a few years of data in our tracker and it makes me very proud to look at the statistics. I thought it would be a shame to keep this tracker for myself, so I have decided to share it with you, my dear readers, for free.

This tracker is very useful if you want to, for example, make sure you are getting more orgasms than him, make sure he is not coming too often, or check what’s his longest lock-up time so far.

Just enter your and your husband’s orgasms into the tracker and all the calculations and graphs are done automatically.

→ Click here to download the HAPPY MARRIAGE CHASTITY TRACKER ←
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Here is an example picture of a chastity report created (click on the picture to open in full size):

Note: This is a new version of the tracker (created in late 2022) with a simplified output sheet, faster calculation and better compatibility for free spreadsheet programs such as LibreOffice or OnlyOffice. If you want to download the old version, which has a different output sheet which shows more detail (click here for a screenshot of the old spreadsheet’s output), you can download it here: Download from Dropbox, Download from Mega.

Some tips:

Notes on compatibility:

Current tracker version
Legacy version
Supported platforms
Download / MirrorDownload / Mirror
Collabora Office CalcWindowsmacOSLinuxAndroidiOSFirefoxSafariChromeEdgeOperaBrave
Google SheetsAndroidiOSFirefoxSafariChromeEdgeOperaBrave
Hancom Office CellWindowsmacOSAndroidiOSFirefoxSafariChromeEdgeOperaBrave
LibreOffice Calc WindowsmacOSLinuxFreeBSDOpenBSDNetBSDDragonFlyBSDIllumosHaiku
Microsoft Office Excel WindowsmacOSAndroidiOSFirefoxSafariChromeEdgeOperaBrave
Polaris Office SheetWindowsmacOSAndroidiOSFirefoxSafariChromeEdgeOperaBrave
Softmaker Office PlanMakerWindowsmacOSLinuxAndroidiOS
WPS OfficeWindowsmacOSLinuxAndroidiOS
Ability Office SpreadsheetWindows
Apache OpenOffice CalcWindowsmacOSLinuxFreeBSDArcaOSAndroidiOS
Apple iWork NumbersmacOSiOSSafariChromeEdgeOperaBrave
Calligra SheetsWindowsmacOSLinuxFreeBSDOpenBSDDragonFlyBSDHaiku
Docs To GoAndroidiOS
FireworkzWindowsRISC OS
MobiSystems OfficeSuiteWindowsAndroidiOS
OX SpreadsheetFirefoxSafariChromeEdgeOperaBrave
WordPerfect Office Quattro ProWindows
Zoho SheetAndroidiOSFirefoxSafariChromeEdgeOperaBrave

Windows macOS Linux FreeBSD OpenBSD NetBSD DragonFlyBSD Illumos Haiku ArcaOS AmigaOS RISC OS Android iOS Firefox Safari Chrome Edge Opera Brave
Windows macOS Linux FreeBSD OpenBSD NetBSD Dragon­FlyBSD Illumos Haiku ArcaOS AmigaOS RISC OS Android iOS Firefox Safari Chrome Edge Opera Brave

Reader statistics

I have asked some of the women who have read my website and used my tracker to share the results with me. Below are some of the results of my Chastity Survey (as of 2021), with so far 48 participating couples.

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