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Teasing 🍑

The big changes that you must make in yourself to make a chastity relationship work is to commit to frequently teasing him, like you no doubt did when you first dated, and to having much more frequent sex yourself. The two can be one and the same thing. Having him perform cunnilingus on you while locked up is almost guaranteed to drive to the edge. Fortunately for you, the chastity device will keep him from going over.

The more fun you have teasing him, the better! The more sex you have without letting him come the more he wants you. Remember, you have all the time in the world to teach him to do sex the way you want, without any need to worry about getting him off. Once locked, all he does is fantasize about you. You will need to decide for yourself whether you want to be the one initiating sex and whether or not you allow him to ask for a release.

Teasing does not need to be a time-consuming activity. There are almost an infinite number of ways that you can tease him, both physically and verbally. It may seem like a lot of work sometimes, but he will shower you with attention. The hardest thing will be getting that much attention again.

Examples for how you can tease him:

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