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Rules for the Couple ✍🏻

Before you lock him up, you should agree on a few rules with your husband. This will help you both manage expectations, and it will give you some structure.

If you don’t really care about male chastity but want to give it a try because your husband asked you, you should just tell him these seven simple rules:

Simple chastity rules - for the reluctant wife

  1. The Wife can choose the chastity device.
  2. The Wife will hold the keys to the chastity device and will not make them accessible to the Husband.
  3. The Wife decides when the Husband will be unlocked, allowed sex, or allowed ejaculation.
  4. After unlocking, the Wife will tell the Husband to re-lock the chastity device as soon as possible.
  5. The Husband will not ask for release and there will be no discussions about chastity unless the Wife brings it up.
  6. Chastity play will not intrude into the Wife’s daily life or restrict her own sexual satisfaction.
  7. The couple will give chastity a try for at least six months.

That’s it, don’t overcomplicate things. Tell your husband that these are the rules and he’ll have to accept them, and if after six months you still don’t like it that will be the end of it.

If chastity has piqued your interest and you’re keen on trying it out, you and your husband can print and sign a “chastity contract”. This of course is not a legal document, it’s simply a fun way of getting things started and discussing what you are both expecting from chastity. Below is an example contract which you can use as a starting point.

Example “Chastity Contract” - for the enthusiastic couple

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