The Secret to a Happy Marriage 💕

Introduction to Male Chastity

Dos and Don’ts
Rules for the Couple
Chastity in a Relationship
When to Allow Release
How to Allow Release

Finding a Chastity Device
Chastity Device Comparison Table
Chastity Accessories

Happy Couples
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Using Chastity in your Relationship 👩🏻‍❤️‍👨🏼

After reading about chastity and speaking with other couples, I have identified five different “intensities” for how chastity can be incorporated into a relationship. There is no right or wrong, and more radical chastity is not necessarily better for the couple.

Beyond a “normal” relationship, there are other situations in which chastity can be useful:

It does not matter what your relationship dynamic looks like, what exactly your husband’s desires are, or how kinky you are (even if not at all); there may be a place for male chastity in your relationship. Every woman needs to figure out herself what approach makes her the happiest.

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